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Joanie Girls Heart

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Joanie Girls Heart
  • Mable Taplin, Founder
    Joanie Girl's Heart
    Mable Taplin is the founder of Joanie Girls Heart, a non-profit organization founded in 2011 to expose minority teen girls to healthcare career opportunities. Through partnership with select Chicago Public High Schools, Joanie Girl's Heart establishes mentoring programs that target juniors who have an expressed interest in pursuing healthcare careers. As a healthcare professional for over 13 years, Ms.Taplin has served in various capacities as a nurse, she has worked as an instructor, HIV Clinic Coordinator and Nurse Consultant. Her passion for giving back to the community has reached beyond Chicago and even the United States.

    After years as a committed healthcare professional she wanted to share her knowledge in a broader capacity as a volunteer with the International Center for Equal Healthcare Access and the Clinton Foundation. This volunteer opportunity led her to Lesotho, Africa to aid in the restructuring of an HIV clinic. Her career, travel and community service including the most impactful life-changing event served as the catalyst to establishing Joanie Girl's Heart.
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